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Part bespoke fabrication, part homemade, part secondhand, our six barrel brew house fits like a glove in to our small industrial unit in the heart of the Chamonix valley. Surrounded on all sides by the mountains of the Mont-Blanc range, the view from the window is a constant reminder of the adventure and spirit from which our ethos has grown.


"We don’t compromise when it comes to beer. We only make the very best beer we can, and we make it in a way that we enjoy. We’ve concentrated our range on modern yet classic styles, and we’ve built our brewery around this concept. Brilliant beer, every time."


After almost two decades based in Yorkshire and rock climbing on Yorkshire gritstone and rocks around the globe, Matt made the shift to the Alps in 2011 to concentrate on a new found passion for skiing. This passion has taken him across the whole Alpine arc and as far afield as Japan, Georgia, Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Norway and Spain.

His move to the Alps wasn’t without regret though. His Yorkshire years left him with a thirst for cask ale, which blended with is love of American craft beers. The availability of modern, hop-forward craft beer in rural France was somewhat lacking, and after spending a small fortune on shipping beer from around the globe to feed his obession, he finally cracked and teamed up with Jack to brew their own.

Growing up in Yorkshire (where he met Matt), climbing and beer were two main aspects of Jack’s early adult life. A career spent climbing and guiding rocks and mountains around the world, saw Jack land with a bump in Chamonix in 2011. Quickly discovering the lack of beer he wanted to drink he started driving over to Southern Germany to fill his van at every available opportunity.

When the drive became too much, he teamed up with Matt and Big Mountain was born. After several years the pair grew their home-brew passion in to a business and launched their brand, based in the heart of the mountains that they now both call home.